Monday, January 5, 2009

Amazing new mercedes benz scl 600 Concept !!!

Amazing new mercedes benz scl 600 Concept !!!

These images of a futuristic “new Mercedes-Benz SCL600” automobile – including technical innovations such as a joystick in place of a steering wheel, a video monitor in place of a rear-view mirror, and swiveling gull-wing doors – are difficult to classify as “true” or “false”. They are genuine photographs of a real car, but that car was constructed as a research vehicle, not as something to be made available for purchase by consumers, and isn’t really “new” … it was introduced over ten years ago. The above-displayed photos are pictures of DaimlerChrysler’s F 200 Imagination concept study, produced by the Mercedes-Benz design team and unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1996 … DaimlerChrysler has continued experimenting along these lines with the three-wheeled F 300 Life-Jet, the F400 Carving two-seater, and the F500 Mind four-door sedan.

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