Friday, December 5, 2008

Amazing balloon Dress !!!!!

Amazing balloon Dress !!!!!

In October of 2006 Asi attended "Balloon Manor" in Rochester, NY USA, where he was a student at Airagami University and a member of the crew. 
Asi attended "Twist & Shout" 2007 Nashville, TN USA, and won first place in the Balloon Entertainment competition!.
took part at the 2007 "KimTom International Clown Festival" in Shanghai China, and at the 2007 "Balloon Town USA".
Blow fish offers balloon delivery (check out the flower bouquets), and balloon decor for all events, such as Bar/Bat mitzvah, weddings, Brit mila, company events, etc... 
In addition to being a quality balloon artist, Asi Cohen is an entertainer for all ages,balloon climber and stilt walker. Having a celebration/promotion/reception or any other ...tion?- just call BLOWFiSH. Don't forget, Asi can also twist for you on the dance floor! (balloons).
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JoAnn Gray, Ken Stilman and Rie Hosokai dress

Asi cohen dress

Amazing recycled Dress...!!!!!

Amazing recycled Dress...!!!!!

Going 'green' can also be glamorous.

Denise Van Outen, TV presenter and West End actress, has been modelling exotic gowns made from recycled materials.

The couture dresses were created by ethical fashion designer Gary Harvey to launch Recycle Now Week, a government-funded campaign aimed at encouraging more recycling, which runs from June 2 -June 8.

The fashion collection includes a 'technicolor dream dress', made from recycled cans, bottle tops, cardboard packaging, glass beads and plastic bags; a 'tulle' skirt, made from 30 newspapers; and a tiered ball gown, made from 42 pairs of used Levi 501s.

New consumer research for Recycle Now Week reveals that over half of us feel guilty for not doing more to protect the environment.

The nation's top causes of 'green guilt' are throwing food away (41 per cent), using plastic bags at the supermarket (33 per cent), throwing packaging away, instead of recycling (28 per cent), leaving the TV on stand-by (27 per cent), and travelling short distances in the car, instead of walking or cycling (23 per cent).

Denise said: "These days, I think most of us have a much stronger awareness of how our behaviour impacts on the environment.

"I've been a keen recycler for several years, and it's great to see that it's no longer a minority activity.

"In fact, with everyone from George Clooney and Cameron Diaz to Lily Cole championing environmental issues, going green has never been more fashionable."

Now in its fourth year, Recycle Now Week will see events across the country, from recycling exhibitions to environmental magicians, composting displays to eco-fashion shows. Local authorities, community groups, supermarkets and businesses are getting involved.