Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cute Pikachu's Vehicles !!!

Cute Pikachu's Vehicles !!!


By no means is the first Pokémon car, and by no means is it the last. However, it is better than this one. Way better. It's from one of the Pokémon Centers in Japan. There seems to be a whole fleet of them Pokécars. But those Pika-cheeks? Darling. Wheel covers? Fab. And those lights? Adore them.


I think it's fair to say that my childhood sucked now that I've seen the life the kids over in Japan get to live. Reader Dale sent over a couple of snapshots he took of this rock solid Pikachu kindergarten bus. It's got nothing on the German version. Not only am I jealous, but I'm starting to make some Pokemon blueprints of my own to pimp out my bike so I can show everyone what Amsterdam is made of. Kim Phu


Air carrier ANA infamous slapped Pokémon on a couple of their planes to attract children and grown-ups who still carry security blankets. But, wait! There's more. Kotakuite John writes:
When I was in Japan recently and took the trip from Tokyo to Sapporo, ANA has this super awesome Pokémon plane! It's pretty sweet. I even got a free postcard from the lovely flight attendants (who are soooo nice). Talk about awesome. You never get swag on American planes...

Well, not besides vomit bags, no. Gotta collect 'em all! John also says he heard that the route from Tokyo to Sapporo is the most trafficked flight route in the world. Had no idea. Brian Ashcraft


Sapporo's Pikachu Loves Choi Nori isn't just a blog about a Choi Nori scooter, it's a blog about a Pikachu Choi Nori. A Japanese scooter owner has turned a Suzuki mini bike into the Pikachoi. The jist: Pics of the Choi Nori, pics of children on the Choi Nori, pics of other Pikachu Choi Noris and some nose hair trimming gizmo. Charming! Brian Ashcraft

Cool Piggy Bomb Bank !!!

Cool Piggy Bomb Bank !!!

TakaraTomy, a Japanese toymaker who isn't coating toys in lead or drugs, is trying to teach better ideals, like saving, with this exploding bomb piggy bank. Drop a coin or two into the piggy bank every day and all is well — it's when you forget to make your daily deposit that the bank gets angry, real angry. Without deposits the bank will vibrate and make noises hourly until eventually "exploding" and dumping your saved coins all over the place. This bank will be available next week for $27 — just in time for saving for the holiday gifts or New Years resolutions. See kids, would you rather be frugal or be punished by a cheap toy manufactured overseas? Exactly.