Friday, December 5, 2008

Amazing balloon Dress !!!!!

Amazing balloon Dress !!!!!

In October of 2006 Asi attended "Balloon Manor" in Rochester, NY USA, where he was a student at Airagami University and a member of the crew. 
Asi attended "Twist & Shout" 2007 Nashville, TN USA, and won first place in the Balloon Entertainment competition!.
took part at the 2007 "KimTom International Clown Festival" in Shanghai China, and at the 2007 "Balloon Town USA".
Blow fish offers balloon delivery (check out the flower bouquets), and balloon decor for all events, such as Bar/Bat mitzvah, weddings, Brit mila, company events, etc... 
In addition to being a quality balloon artist, Asi Cohen is an entertainer for all ages,balloon climber and stilt walker. Having a celebration/promotion/reception or any other ...tion?- just call BLOWFiSH. Don't forget, Asi can also twist for you on the dance floor! (balloons).
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JoAnn Gray, Ken Stilman and Rie Hosokai dress

Asi cohen dress


  1. I only did the green dress and the pink one.
    other dresses are done by JoAnn Gray, Ken Stilman and Rie Hosokai .
    Asi Cohen.


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