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Amazing The Biggest resort in the world !!!!

Amazing The Biggest resort in the world !!!!

Island Style Durrat Al Bahrain is a unique place where contrasting lifestyles complement each other. It’s an island and a city, it’s the desert and the sea, it’s a holiday and a home, it’s a place to be together, it’s escapism and adventure. It’s one world that offers you endless possibilities. It is a place like no other.

It is a place where contrasts come together to beautiful effect, and create a world full of richness and unique experiences. It is a place where a lifestyle we aspire to and a holiday we long for become reality. It is a place where the buzz of a world-class city meets the beauty and tranquility of an island.




Located on the south coast of Bahrain, this 21 km² master development has been created across a cluster of 15 spectacular islands. Durrat Al Bahrain is located 54 kilometers (33.7 miles) from Bahrain’s International Airport and is accessible by a two-lane highway linking it from Manama, which enables residents and visitors to drive to Durrat Al Bahrain in around 35 minutes.to the proposed new causeway between Bahrain and Qatar. Currently under construction, the new 45km causeway will permanently link Bahrain and Qatar and will be the world’s longest causeway. The causeway will comprise a number of bridges combined with roads constructed on dams and will be a natural extension of the King Fahd Causeway that connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, thus linking the entire region.

Upon completion, Durrat Al Bahrain is destined to become the region’s most prominent seaside resort city, putting Bahrain firmly on the upscale-tourism map.

Durrat Al Bahrain and the Environment
From the outset, maintaining an environmental balance was an important criterion of the Durrat al Bahrain scheme. We commissioned Atkins, an internationally recognised environmental consultant to provide environmental and ecological expertise. They meticulously undertook both marine and land development Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) in accordance with Environmental Authorities stipulations.

EIAs assess all impacts relating to the design, construction and long-term existence of the project, and identify measures to protect and mitigate any adverse consequences on the local environment.

Atkins completed a number of studies such as ecological surveys, water flow systems through the resort, water quality monitoring and species recording, such as dolphins and bird life, as well as other species unique to Bahrain which visit the land and waters in and around the project. The results of these investigations identified where environmental compensation was required and how to incorporate proposals into the design to benefit the environment.

We are compliant with the environmental laws and regulations of Bahrain and the region and maintain our own stringent Environmental Management Plan. DKAB’s environmental commitment extends to all aspects of the project, from design to the construction and operation of the project. Our client representative, Bovis, and environmental specialists, Atkins, audit our contractors on a monthly basis to ensure compliance to their own Environmental Management Plans and to the law.

DKAB’s environmental commitment also extends to supporting the local community. For example, we have sponsored the Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research to design and maintain a website on Bahrain’s marine life and endangered species.
The study will update records of endangered species with a view to protecting those living in Bahrain waters such as dugongs and turtles. Atkins has proposed an environmental enhancement plan to include the planting of mangroves, bird conservation activities and establishing reefs.

Mangroves are a threatened species in Bahrain and the proposed planting in suitable locations around the resort will safeguard the long-term survival of mangroves. We have also been successful in retaining Hidd Al Jamal, an existing piece of the mainland in which white cheeked terns, flamingos, and Socotra cormorants are known to nest on and visit frequently.

We also expect the islands themselves to create new habitats for fish and other aquatic species and we are considering deploying reef balls to provide additional habitats as well as offering an additional attraction for swimmers and divers.
On-going monitoring demonstrates our dedication to the environmental importance of the site and surrounding areas. We take every effort, precaution and measure to protect the environment on Durrat Al Bahrain and to demonstrate that development and environment can exist harmoniously together.

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