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Best Hotel Pools in the World

Best Hotel Pools in the World

Many hotels and holiday resorts have a pool for the recreation of their guests. Normally the more luxurious the hotel, the better the pool. This isn't always the case, some hotels simply have a superior designed pool than others.

The hotel and resort pools below are from all over the world and are all unique and cleverly designed. You can see more examples here.

The Hotel (Location: Miami, Fla. )

ne would expect creativity and beauty when a fashion designer tries his hand at designing a hotel, and that is what you'll find at The Hotel. When American fashion designer Todd Oldham joined forces with urban developer Tony Goldman to redesign the old Tiffany Hotel in 1998, he had a vision for a rooftop pool. Now you can kick back and enjoy the pool, sunken into the roof to create a private effect. Or relax in a private poolside cabana and just enjoy the ocean view between swims.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

The Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas has a palm tree-lined tropical paradise with swim-up blackjack, music piped in underwater, and sandy beaches. The clientele skews young here, and the crowd is lively. Over thirty private cabanas are available for rental and include misters and refrigerators.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

We call it Las Vegas' "swimming with the sharks' experience," says Golden Nugget spokesperson Justin McVay. The hotel's three-story pool complex features a 200,000-gallon shark tank with a see-through acrylic waterslide cutting through the middle of the aquarium. In the swimming pool proper, "people will line up against the acrylic glass with their hands next to their face and watch the eight-foot sharks swimming by," explains McVay. "It feels almost like you're in the water with them."

Fabrice Rambert / The Ritz Hotel 

Our sole indoor-pool representative on the list is the opulent, colonnaded oasis inside the Ritz Paris. Inspired by ancient Roman baths, the pool's walls are lined with frescoes and mosaics. A poolside mezzanine bar allows guests to fuel up for—or wind down from—a big swim.

Hotel Caruso’s Golden Book

Signatures in the Hotel Caruso’s Golden Book include the likes of Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart and Jackie Kennedy, but today the biggest star in the legendary luxury hostelry’s midst may well be its expansive open-air heated infinity pool. Like the hotel, it’s situated on a cliff top 1,200 feet above sea level overlooking the spectacular Amalfi Coast. You’ve got evocative medieval ruins on one side and infinite shades of blue stretching out before you.

Hotel pool with spectacular view

Best Hotel pools in the world

luxurious indoor swimming pool

heated hotel pool in the snow mountains steaming

Best hotel pools at night

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